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It’s dissertation editing season. Do you need a dissertation editor?

Your advisor recommended getting a dissertation editor. Now what? If you are on the fence about getting a dissertation editor, let’s talk about it. When I was writing my dissertation, I was fortunate to have a committee chair that was fully dedicated to me. She gave me thoughtful, consistent feedback and worked with me regularly. …

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Recently, at a workshop I facilitated, I had a student mention that they at times feel like an imposter within the Latinx community because others make them feel like they are not "Latino/a/x/e" enough. This is not the first time that workshop attendees have voiced having a similar feeling especially if they do not speak Spanish. As a community, we need to suspend judgment of each other because the Latinx experience in America is vast and varied. Multi-generational Latinx individuals who are embracing their roots and even at times relearning culture need support rather than criticism. There is no Latinx litmus test. To anyone self-doubting, you are Latino/a/x/e enough.

Multi-generational Latinx struggle with imposter syndrome

The multi-generational Latinx experience is complicated We have repeatedly heard that the Latinx community is not a monolithic group, meaning that we are not all the same. This is true. And although our diversity is beautiful, it can be a lot of work to learn about every Latin country’s immigration story. However, it is worth …

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Image of Dr. Del Muro that shares tips on how to face confrontation. 1. identify what could have triggered the issue. 2. Thing about what the other person is in need of based on their behavior. 3. Identify what you hope to achieve from the conversation. 4. Practice what you'll say to the other person.

Conquering The Fear of Confrontation

As a first-generation college-going student and professional, I had fear of confrontation and learned that embracing confrontation is a useful skillset. Face Assumptions That You Learned About Confrontation. I had 3 major assumptions that I needed to tackle before becoming comfortable with confrontation. Before I share the assumptions I had, I want to share the …

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