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We are first-gen teachers providing workshops to students.

We host online and in-person workshops for organizations such as universities, colleges, sororities and fraternities, non-profits, and conferences. Reach out if you are interested in having us host a workshop for you.

What sets our workshops apart

  1. Research matters to us! All of our workshops are grounded in the most current research and best practices.
  2. We hire relatable and engaging educators! First-generation, credentialed educators, school counselors, and school psychologists are working on our team. 
  3. We intentionally center cultural relevance and inclusion. Everyone should feel safe, included, and empowered! 
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We’ll go over formatting mistakes, frequent punctuation and tense errors, embedding data to highlight your accomplishments, and how to tailor your resume to fit the job. You’ll receive a resume template, a list of engaging verbs, resume examples, and a resume checklist.


Go over pitfalls to avoid and techniques that will help make your personal statement stand out while telling your story authentically. Receive a personal statement workbook with a step-by-step guide on how to write your personal statement

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Leadership Styles

We’ll clarify the misconception that some people are “born” leaders. Then, we will introduce  popular leadership styles Peter G. Northouse discusses in the 9th edition of his book “Leadership.” Then, we’ll close out by having participants think about what leadership styles best fit them when they consider their strengths and passions. 

The Power of Networking

We’ll talk about the power of social capital. Then, identify where you spend the most time social capital building to make sure you are spending effort where it makes the most impact for you. This is then followed by practice building  introductory speech to potential clients. 

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Own Your Presence Workshop: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

This is one of our most popular workshops! We’ll go over shifting your mindset about “Imposter Syndrome” so that you can work toward owning your presence in spaces that lack diversity.

Cover Letter Workshop

Learn how to write a cover letter that is tailored to the job and organization you hope to join. You will learn how to tell your story without repeating your resume.

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Academic Writing Workshop

Want to sharpen your academic writing skills? Thinking about going back to school? Select this workshop to improve cohesion and clarity while writing – the biggest issues that we see our clients struggle with.

Interviewing Skills Workshop

Need help preparing for your next interview? We’ll provide you with practical skills in this virtual event that you can practice to land your next job.

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Citations and Paraphrasing Workshop

Need help learning how to write in-text citations and paraphrases? We’ll provide you with practical skills in this virtual event that you can practice to improve your academic writing and guarantee that you are not plagiarizing. 

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