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“I could not recommend her highly enough.”

“Ces’ Ari was incredibly helpful at a time when UCLA announced that we had a week and a half to apply to a $30k fellowship. I initially sought her out for a resume workshop, but after completing the first drafts of all required documents for the fellowship, I realized I needed more guidance to make my application competitive. She was flexible with her time and was never late with giving me her feedback. She also took the time to explain each suggestion so I could take the knowledge and implement it in future applications. Her resume workshop was also excellent and extremely thorough. I could not recommend her highly enough. “
Image of a client named Sandra in a professional photo
Sandra G.
UCLA MPH Student
"As a first-generation college graduate myself, I was grateful to have Dr. Delmuro's mentorship through my first year of teaching high school English. Even now, she continues to offer an experienced perspective and makes me feel like my role in the classroom matters. Her guidance and resume tips will definitely leave you feeling empowered and reinforce confidence in your abilities as an educator."
Image of a client named Amanda in a professional photo
Amanda Avina
Cal State Fullerton Graduate 2020
"I struck gold with Dr. Delmuro. "

"Dr. Delmuro is an extraordinarily professional. It has been an honor to have her proofread and revise my academic papers during my undergrad and grad school years. She pays great attention to every detail in your writing and gives you advice along the way. Every tip she gave me helped me write better with every writing assignment. If it wasn't for Dr. Delmuro, I wouldn't have built confidence in my writing. One of the skills that make Dr. Delmuro standout is her ability to make reaffirm your intelligence, gain confidence in your writing, and her genuine desire to want you to succeed. She puts her heart and soul into her work and her passion to help others is impressive. I am where I am today thanks to Dr. Delmuro"
Image of a client named Jessica in a professional photo
Jessica V.
"Dr. Delmuro provided her writing and coaching services while submitting my application to full-time MBA programs. Together, we were able to work through the application process, develop an action plan, and with confidence, submit an essay that adequately reflected my past experiences, and purpose for why this is the logical step for my career. Her patience and understanding repressed the added stressors that are typically found during the application process, bringing ease to a stressful experience."
Image of a client named Aaron in a professional photo
Aaron Concha
UC Irvine MBA Grad
“I would highly recommend Dr. Delmuro and will be reaching out to her more often for guidance.”

“ Dr. Delmuro is a lifesaver! I was a week away from conducting interviews and struggling to create an effective interview protocol. She read my research proposal, paid attention to what I wanted to capture, and took her time with me as we developed a new set of questions. Now I feel really confident in conducting my interviews and in the results of my study. I would highly recommend Dr. Delmuro and will be reaching out to her more often for guidance.”
Image of a client named Liza in a professional photo
Liza C.
UCLA PH. D. Student
"I am a first generation college student who is currently pursuing her master's in education and has just completed her teaching credential. Dr. Delmuro has been an instrumental part in my sanity and success throughout this process. She has guided me through numerous academic papers in my master's program and is currently coaching me for my first teacher interview. In addition, she has helped me update my resume and has become such an incredible mentor. I definitely wish I had met her sooner in my higher education career and professional journey. Thank you, Dr. Delmuro!"
Image of a client named Chelsea in a professional photo
Chelsea Speer
"I've been at a prominent architectural firm for 5 yrs and my current job title is Architectural Job Captain. I came to Dr. Delmuro to revise my resume and to receive coaching to strategize negotiating my salary. I was able to secure a salary increase because I applied to another position and received a counter offer from a competing company that I was able to use as negotiation leverage. Since then, I have received regular salary increases."
Image of a client named Elvis in a professional photo
Elvis Delmuro
Architectural Designer
"As a first generation student, receiving my Bachelors degree was the highlight of my life. Many do not understand the sacrifice and obstacles immigrant parents have to go through for their children to receive higher education. After graduation, I used Dr. Delmuro's services to edit my resume and cover letter to land my first job post graduation in a new state.

Fast forward to four years later, I knew it was time to pursue my masters degree, but I needed help. I had no idea how to begin my personal statement, so I reached out to Dr. Delmuro and she guided me throughout the process. She revised my paper and gave me tips to make the process easier. I gained skills and confidence in my writing. I am now waiting to see if I got accepted to Boise State University's MSW. 🙏 Thank you Dr. Delmuro!! I couldn't have done this without you"
Image of a client named Elena in a professional photo
Elena Vasquez
Manager of Hospice Volunteer Services
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